Stream Vimeo - Optimize for Web - Why So SLOW?

Hi All. We have a website here:

We have a couple videos set to auto play, everything is working great, site appears to load fast…but when I run through GTMetrix and check the Waterfall Chart I see these videos causing some SERIOUS page fully loaded seconds.

25.2s to load! Yikes.

GTMetrix Report:

Does anyone know what the best practices are here to run these without this kind of load time?

Some Facts:

  1. We’re on WPEngine and running a CDN
  2. We have caching on our site (autoptimize)
  3. These videos are located on our Vimeo Pro account and are being brought to the site via iframe snippets (which is what Vimeo suggested).


That report tells me your onload time was 3.4 seconds.

I think you may be confusing your load time with the entire amount of time the agent spent sending requests to/from your site.

The vimeo player is sending player stats up to the vimeo server every few milliseconds. This is normal, and part of the player interaction with the vimeo server.

Hutley, you rock. Thanks, I probably am reading it wrong. I just see a lot of RED when I run the first page through GTMetrix that has a few people scratching their heads over here, particularly the “Fully Loaded Time”.

If you want to test completely, shut autoplay off and benchmark it again. That’ll tell you what it had to do to get the page ready to play the videos.

Ah, good point. I’ll have our Vimeo person turn off the auto play and test. Thanks Hutley!

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