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I am attempting to modify a widget on a wordpress site. The widget is from the strava social network. The code for an iFrame is entered and the widget appears. Trouble is there are some formatting issues that I’d like to address. There seems to be a genuine lack of support on their website for the widget so I am asking here.

Their code refers to their CSS. It is not on this site. So, how can I make it so that the widget follows my formatting? Trying to be more clear - I want the widget to look and feel like the rest of the widgets in the footer. How do I do that?

Take a look at the bottom of the page. It’s the obvious widget. Remember, I don’t host the CSS for the widget so can this be done?

I don’t believe you can alter the css for another page in an iframe, not without control over the embedded site itself.

I guess it may be theoretically possible, as browser dev tools can alter a site’s styling on the client side, but css can’t do it. I don’t know if there are any (java)scripts that can.

Access to iframes falls under “same origin” policy limitations.

The first thing I would try would be to contact the widget authors and ask for support / make a feature request.

Failing that, if there is an API that allows getting the same information you could try putting together your own widget so it would be same origin.

OK. Good thought. I looked up the API and there is plenty going on that side of things. It seems they really want other developers to develop with/for them. Unfortunately, I don’t have any experience in that arena. I will poke around to see if I can find someone to come up with something. Thanks again

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