Strategies for marketing website event?

I’m planning a website “grand opening” event that will last for x number of hours, it’s a brand new website. Are there any specific strategies that I should employ so that the maximum number of people become aware of this event?

Since the website is fresh, I think building some buzz with social media would help as well as some PPC advertising. Is this like a workshop style/webinar event? Ramit Sethi owns an online business called, “I will teach you to be rich” and he has a pretty successful emailing campaign, but you need a lot of subscribers before this event for this strategy to work.

I read a book by Vic Johnson regarding online businesses and he had suggested researching similar businesses and and modelling your website using some/all of their tactics to gain lots of traffic.

Since it is a new website, why not try engaging into social media marketing. Set up accounts in twitter, Facebook or Instagram and from there, you can post the “happennings” from your site. You can build credibility through joining social media sites and it is also a great way to create connections and increase traffic for your site.

In order to plan for a launch, you need to first plan for the pre-launch.

Set up a coming soon landing page on your domain and explain to visitors what your upcoming website is about and why should they subscribe to your newsletter to get notified when you launch. If you are not technically-savvy, consider using a tool like [LaunchRock][1].

Once the pre-launch page is up, your next task will be to figure out how to get relevant visitors to that page. If you don’t have an existing audience from other projects, building up a sizable mailing list for your launch is hard. Setting up accounts on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and then trying to figure out how to build a following on these platforms is just more work so I don’t agree with what @LyndonJames is suggesting.

You should be looking for existing websites, communities, influencers or blogs that your target audience goes to or follow on a regular basis. As for social media marketing, instead of building your profile or fan page from scratch, reach out to page owners in your industry who are looking to share great content, news or projects like yours.

If it is an existing website or blog, try to reach out to see if the blogger or website owner is interested in covering your new project as news or whether it is possible for you to contribute editorial content piece / guest post.

If it is a community or forum, get active and be helpful. Reach out to power users or admins of these communities to see if they are willing to feature you, your project and find out other ways that both of you can work together.

As for influencers, if your project is something that they find exciting, they will promote it. If you think their target audience is related to what you are building but you don’t have the confidence that they will promote it, reach out to them for advice. I actually tried this (ask for advice, improve with advice and show the influencer how you applied his/her advice) and it worked for me:

All in all, you need to build up a large email list to prepare you for the launch. Else, you can just go live with your website and build your traffic that way. To be honest, most websites these days launch without a launch event. It is overrated. If what you build is useful and awesome or you are able to improve it afterwards, people will come.

Thanks for the comments. It will be a commercial website that offers downloadable videos of a certain subject. The hook will be that for the first x hours/days, the customer will be able to buy everything all at one ridiculously low price. After that event is over, all products will go to individual pricing. Interesting about that Launch Rock, although I don’t fully understand what they do…