Strategically planning <h#>, revisions


I want to update (if necessary) site’s CSS that I inherited with my job.

Where might I learn how to best make these revisions? Any suggestions? I’ve read about using CSS, but the meta conceptualizations of it, I have missed in my studies.

The questions that come to mind are …

  1. Site’s heading is a graphic, do I include it some how with the hierarchy so SEO understand its priority?
  2. Is it a best practice of web design / coding to include nav bar as part of <h#> hierarchy?
  3. Some fonts (web designer produced) are graphics is it a best practice to wrap those in tags?
  4. When Planning the hierarchy, is it best practice (CSS, SEO, etc) to plan headings to be across site or to have unique heading structures for homepage, product pages, other secondary pages?

Much obliged

Markup should define the document Structure; then and only then will you truly know the full power of the force of semantics. Do not turn to the dark-side of SEO just to get quick fixes.

There are different views regarding the heading image but obviously it should have the appropriate ALT attribute assuming it contains text. Obviously if made a H1 it may gain more importance but I’d suspect a plain text H1 heading would gain more precedence.