Strange xml problem in j2me app

Hey guys

I am having a strange problem at the moment. I have an xml file that I parse with nanoxml. It then displays a list of items with a List.

In the emulator it works 100%. But then when I compile it and put it on my phone (Nokia N81). it just says (no data) instead of the xml list. Could I be missing something?

The xml file is part of the resources.

Thanks for any help

if it says no data then the problem could be location of the file. The program is not able to identify the location of the file.

hmmm. Ok, thanks. I will see what I can find. But it works on the emulator and not on any device. The resources do compile with the jar. Correct?

thanks for the reply

What is the platform on which you are running the emulator? also check the platform of device. use VM or some other similar software to emulate on the same platform. As far as compilation is concern, it will be successful though resources like properties file or xml file are not in place. As these are used in runtime.