Strange ul spacing in webkit

in the comment section, the numbers leave a gap before the actual content in webkit browsers, but not in firefox… anyone know why that’d be.

I also notice that safari is ignoring the “h1, h1 a, h1 a:hover, h1 a:visited {” declaration and still giving the link color to the h1, but it works in other browsers… know why that might be?



The gap is caused by this rule:

.commentlist li:before {
    content: "";
[B]    content: none;[/B]

There is no value called “none” for the property content.

Either remove the whole rule or set it to display:none.

i thought it was something with the li:before… i had changed in to content: “” and it was stilla problem, but I tried display:none on that rule like you said (didn’t realize it would apply to a pseudo class like that) and it now works. thanks a lot!

I’m a bit confused :). Safari looks the same as the rest. What version are you using?

Clear your cache to make sure it isn’t an old version of hte page. The declaration is working from what I’m seeing in all browsers.