Strange symbol ’ in some records


Somehow I am gettting a symbol ’ in place of single quotes or dashes in text entries in my MySQL db. I have no idea how they got there. And in many cases there are ' single quotes existing just fine. And if I manually change them to single quotes they will stay that way.

Any ideas on how they got there or more importantly how to mass replace them? \



This is an encoding issue. Check the collation in your database and database tables (I tend to use utf8_general_ci), check the encoding that your text editor or IDE is set to (should be UTF-8).


ya, probably so. I copied this text in from a Wordpress database that was in mysql also and didn't really pay attention while I was copying and pasting into the new structure. And no, no way to do that programmatically unfortunately.

And also now when I add new stuff into the new site it is fine. Is there a way in mysql to str_replace this kind of thing? Problem is it seems to be single quotes and dashes in some cases. But mostly single quotes.


I found this article Fixing Doubly UTF-8 Encoded Text in MySQL that might lead you in the right direction.


That works great!! Thanks for the heads up, I appreciate it.


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