Strange Problem

The owner of this website;

says that when he views this page he sees white “garbage” next the the Home link. He said he is using IE. I have looked on my computers and I do not see anything except the Home link. Can you guys take a look and tell me if you see anything strange and give an idea of what might be causing it?


Yes I see it in Firefox, the more I increase the text the more visible it gets.

It’s this here:

<div class="breadcrumb-trail"><span style="" class="breadcrumb-title">Browse:</span> <a href="" title="Home Services Network of SW Washington" rel="home" class="trail-begin">Home</a> / <a style="" href="" rel="tag">Air Conditioning</a> / <span class="trail-end">Air Conditioning</span></div>

I have added display:none to those classes - it seems to be links to tag pages that are mostly covered. Is there a way in WP to disable the Tag pages - it is a feature they do not want anyway.

You haven’t added display: none to the containing div, which has a class of breadcrumb-trail. Thus, the <a> link is still partly showing up.

I’m sure if you delve into the WP template you can just delete that stuff. I’m not sure exactly what it is, though.