Strange phenomena with IE6

Hi all,

I have created a custom template which uses the mootools library quite a lot for things like accordion and tabs. This all sits on the Joomla framework but is CSS specific.

Everything is working well with the exception of a stange phenomena in IE6 - as always.

See example here:

There are several issues I am yet to resolve but the oddest one is as follows. The white background of the accordion panels are mostly always white under IE6, but sometimes their not, depending on what you’re interacting with (one issue). However, when a panel background is white, if you select some of the text in that panel and then deselect that text, the text has a blue background to it. It is as if the body and/or parent container background colour is bleeding through!

It also occurs when you mouse-over some of the sub accordion headers as well!

Has anyone else come across this phenomena in IE6 before?


Hi Welcome to Sitepoint :slight_smile:

Sounds like a classic haslayout issue. Try adding zoom:1.0 to the tab content.

.tabber_content div,.element,.elementWrapper {zoom:1.0}

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ve used this technique before but I hadnt previously come across the text remaining highlighted by background colour thingy before, so it threw me. ;o)

Anyway, the zoom fix has corrected both issues - thanks…