Strange MySQL query anomaly

I have two MySQL servers, one’s a test the other’s development. This query;

select * from pr_stops as Stop where = 1

…works ok on my test server, but gives the error “Unknown column ‘’ in ‘where clause’” on my development server. If I change ‘Stop’ to ‘stop’, it works ok.

Unfortunately this query is generated by the CakePHP framework, so I can’t just edit the query manually.

test: MySQL 5.5.14
dev: MySQL 5.5.8

Can anyone help? Thanks.

MySQL :: MySQL 5.0 Reference Manual :: 8.2.2 Identifier Case Sensitivity

In short, the case-sensitivity of the underlying operating system determines case-sensitivity of identifiers in queries.

That makes sense, one is Windows and the other is Linux. Thank you so much for the link, I’ll follow it up!

In case anyone else stumbles across this post with the same problem, here’s how I solved it.

It turned out that I could change the query. In one of my controllers I was querying the model like this;

    'conditions' => array(
      '' => $id

Windows had no problem with this, but Linux didn’t like it. After changing ‘’ to ‘’, all fixed!