Strange Header alignment issue with WordPress theme created in Artisteer

I’ve created a WordPress theme using Artisteer 4.2 (I’m using WordPress version 3.8). Here is a link to the site:

I have tested this with my PC, my laptop, my phone, my Kindle; with Internet Explorer 8 & 11, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari - and it looks fine. My client uses a Mac with Safari (I don’t know what version or what size screen). He just sent me a screenshot from his computer. I cannot figure out how this is possible and what could be causing the center header to be off to the right…seemingly only on his computer! My only thought is that it’s an older version of Safari and it’s somehow not compatible with something in the header - but somehow the rest of the site is working fine??

Here is a screenshot that my client sent me from his computer:

Does anyone have any ideas??

Hi, if that happens on his computer alone it won’t be a problem just let him know that and try to explain I have same experienced before but somehow manages to let the client understand the situation… try to check if others have the same problem too…

It turns out, that after days of pulling my hair out…it was because his 3 year old version of Safari was not displaying the responsive header correctly. I convinced him to upgrade and all is well. :slight_smile: