Strange google description

Depending on the google search term, I get two different descriptions. I don’t know why, anyway to fix this?

Search Term 1:

Providing the best point of sale, scale, cash register and time attendance solutions.

Search Term 2:

Providing the best point of sale, scale, cash register and time attendance solutions. ... ... There are many different thermal receipt printers that work with many different point of sale systems.

But same URL.


Actually currently Google is doing so many changes in its algo. Its not always what you will insert in your title or meta Google will show that it will try to match best with the search term and will show that even if its in your title, description, content or even in alt tag

Google say that they will use the text from the Description meta tag if they think this is relevant to the user’s query. You can take that to mean that the Description contains most or all of the keywords in the query. If it doesn’t, it will take extracts of text from the body of the page. Again, they will select text that contains the keywords in question.

In general, the best way to provide useful snippet text for the search results is to write a concise description (no wasted words) that contains the keywords that you are targeting - always remembering that its main aim is to entice visitors to actually click through to the site.


but than in that case also you have to be careful that you are not stuffing your title or description with keywords else Google will not show what you have entered

That’s completely correct. As I said, the main aim is to make visitors want to click through to your site.


So what if I would write:

Leaders in providing state of the art point of sale, scale, time attendance, pos system and pos supplies with low prices and great quality.

Would that be stuffing it? Or would that be too little? Or just right?

It looks fine to me. But then I don’t know what your potential customers are likely to be searching for.

Keep in mind that none of this affects your ranking in the search results. It doesn’t matter what you place in the Description tag - or if you leave it empty - your ranking won’t change. The point of it is to influence the actual text that appears for your site in the search results.


I understand that but how do I increase the rankings?

I been writing articles and trying to get backlinks from my suppliers but my competitors have the backing of blog farms, so what to do?

That’s a separate question, and has got nothing to do with the Description meta tag.

There are lots of resources here on how to improve search engine rankings. Look at the “sticky” posts at the top of the Internet Marketing section of the forum, and search for similar threads elsewhere. If you then have a specific question to ask, you’ll get better results if you start a new thread for it, with a descriptive title that indicates your specific problem.