Strange. element not hiding itself onclick


i have a div dynamically created on page load using php. the id is ‘A’.
When click on ‘A’ , another div is shown. Name is ‘B’. this div is a child div of ‘A’.

now ‘B’ div has onclick hide(‘B’).
But when i click it does not hide itself. strage. but if i put another element name for example ‘A’, Then it works.

why ‘B’ is not hiding itself while it hideS any other element on that page including it’s parent ‘A’?

function hide(name){
function show(name){


Can you post a link to a page where I can see this not working?

i just pm’d you the link pullo…


the problem is the id attribute.

You have:

<div class="marker" id="1marker" onclick="hide('1marker')"></div>

An id may not begin with a number. Change it to id=“markerOne” or something similar.


Just tried by putting the number to back, but result is same :rolleyes:
any way, now i do not require it be hidden on click. the plan is bit changed.

Thank you.


This will definitely work as expected:

<div class="marker" id="marker" onclick="hide('marker')">Click me to hide</div>

function hide(name){

so I guess there was something else going on.

Strange strange
JQUERY LIVE CLICK was hiding finally :slight_smile:

Thank Pulli for your valuable time!