Strange css code

I stumbled upon this piece of code :

#main ul a.selected {
  border-bottom:1px solid snow;
#main div {
  padding:10px 10px 8px 10px;
  height: 300px ;

I know what most of this code does, but I wonder what that asterisks and that snow value do!
Any ideas?
Thank you.

Well snow is a color name for #FFFAFA, apparently, so that’s just setting the background color to #FFFAFA. The * would be the universal selector hack (I think…). Here is SP thread which might help:

Close dave, it’s actually the invalid character hack for IE7 and lower.

As a rule of thumb if you need hacks to do margin or padding adjustments like that, there’s something wrong with how the page is built.

Crap - thought I had it right.

Your rule of thumb is pretty accurate though as I’ve never needed to use it, or if I found a need for this hack (and I’ve had to fight IE7 on down a lot), I reworked it to find a better way to code the page and style it.