Strange chacters on Mac firefox- how to test from windows?

I have recently created a website for a friend. He has told me when viewed on firefox on mac there are strange black diamonds with question marks in.

I am pretty sure they came from copy & pasting his text from word and that they’ll go away when I add the right charset to the header (?) (even tho I can’t get vim to display them as anything other than white space in the code), but I would like to test it.

Can anyone point me towards a browser emulator i can run on win7 to recreate firefox on a mac?

Thank you

The most easy and robust solution IMO (if your stuff is mostly in a language from North or South America or Europe) is the one apparently used by most sites and individuals, and that I resumed in the first and short “Recommendation” paragraph in Encode in local charsets (ISO-8859-1, Shift-JIS, etc) and use FINANCIAL Euro symbol.

Testing in Mac-Firefox emulator in Windows will probably require more work than needed, and will most likely return the same issues, because those are due IMO to the site you are viewing (more precisely its handling of charset), NOT to the platform where it is viewed.

Versailles, Fri 21 Dec 2012 14:22:15 +0100