Strange behavior in Photoshop!

I was editing some photos this morning; all of the photos came from different sources at different sizes and resolutions, and I was resizing them all to a standard 120x160px/72dpi headshot. When I got to one photo and previewed it in Finder (Mac OS X 10.4, FWIW), it was a medium distance landscape shot of two people (although Get Info says the photo is in a portrait-like ratio of 864x1129px). When I open it in Photoshop CS4 or Preview though, it shows me a cropped head and shoulders portrait shot of just one person at 864x1129px/180dpi!

This is not a showstopper as far as the job goes, but it sure has me confused! Why would Finder be showing me something so different from Photoshop? Anyone else ever seen this behavior?

Sort of, I’ve seen image files with an old thumbnail in…

Maybe the image was edited but the preview thumbnail originally saved in it was never updated?

Yea that sounds about what I’d be thinking too Erik. That image info came from somewhere because PS certainly didn’t ‘invent it’. Thumbnails are stored separately from the actual image to speed up things like the finder displaying them, there can exist a mismatch between the thumbnail and the image content.