str_replace can't find special characters

I have some text saved in database and i want to replace few srtings in it

For example i have text in database:

“Översikt: Hotell Strand Palace är beläget mitt i Londons centrum”

I want to repalce “Översikt” with “Hello” using str_replace but it does not work.

When i echo it shows me: “Översikt: Hotell Strand Palace är beläget mitt i Londons centrum”

It shows me perfect, it should show me like it is being showed but how to using str_replace so that i can replace stings?

any help please?

thank you

I am not really answering your question directly, and this may not be practical in your case, but did you know you can use a mysql function REPLACE() to replace strings without having to resort to involving PHP at all.

If you do not use mysql, then I imagine your chosen RDBMS may well have a similar function.

What encoding are you using on the database table, and what’s the default encoding on your page? (5:1 it doesnt match…)

I am using “Collation: latin1_swedish_ci” in mysql database. what should i use on my php and html page?

What does [FPHP]mb_detect_encoding[/FPHP] say your string is encoded in?