Storing users to calendar


Basically, my task at hand is to create a scheduler where users assign themselves to 10 days a year for volunteer work. 6 volunteers per day maximum. Ive been thinking about the best way to store this information in MYSQL.

As of now, my best idea is to create a table with 365 rows of 7 columns. 1 day id, and 6 user id’s. I feel that this is obviously the long hard way to do it. With this technique, I am also not sure how to manage those columns with user ids, as far as adding, and updating day rosters. I figure there must be a better way but havent found anything that helped this particular question.

If anyone could give me a hint or tip in the “best practice” direction that would be great.

A “best practice” would be to learn how databases work before trying to create a semi complicated database driven web application.