Storing multiple audio video files in mysql

Hello ,
Please can anyone tell me,how to store audio-video files in mySQL 5.0 I am using JSP to create a web site with tomcat.Please tell me the servlet or method to allow a person to upload a audio/video file to database and be able to download it with less time.What datatype shld be taken in mysql to store file?shld we store at all the audio/video file onto database or store it onto some space or FTP.?Please suggest fast.
It is urgent

You will need to use the BLOB datatype to store binary objects.

But, I would HIGHLY suggest NOT doing this. Use the file system.

My files are going to be audio/video files.
have i need to purchase a space to store my audio/video files there and then keep its path in mySQL database.Can anyone explain me the concept.

Storing the path in the database, and the actual file in the file system is the better way for performance. BLOB fields and large a/v files will bog down the entire sql database. More so, the file system is designed for this, and handels it faster.

Whether you store on the database or the file system, you’ll need to buy the proper space at your hosting provider.

Thanks for the info.
i tell u what i want to do.
On My web site a artist uploads his song and user listens to it.
For this, u say keep a/v files on space provided by providers.
which file system will be better to store a/v files?
I need to write a jsp code thru which i need to store the file path onto database.
How to make the a/v files available to user with less download time.
Can u help me with this code…where can i get such similar examples.
Thanks in advance.

I’m not fluent in JSP, so my help there will be limited.

The best way to do this is to set up a form with an <input type=“file” />
When the form is submitted, process the upload to place in /path/to/uploads/ folder (must be writable, chmod 777), and create a unique ID. pass that unique ID into the database along with info about the file.

Then, you can call it via download.jsp?id=12345 and it will call the database file by that ID number.