Storing mails in the db

I am building a web app were in the frontend has a contact form with which users can communicate with me-being the admin.

Do you think I should store this mails to the db?

Now, I just send the message to my inbox and no further action taken.

certainly, it is up to me to decide what to do, I wanted to hear some opinions though.

Cause someone might argue that there is no need to store in the db if I gather all the emails in a folder in my mailer(MS-Outllok).
These are mails to be read only from the admin(me) and not the users of the site, the users are only the senders.

It really all depends on what you intend to do with the emails stored in the database. If you have no purpose for them, then spend your energy elsewhere. However, if you have a purpose, such as keeping a backup copy just in case the mail transport fails, then save the message and create a process too ensure your Outlook got all of the message and delete the old emails from the database.