Storing data in webconfig - newbie question

I have a small app I am building, where I would like to store about one dozen pieces of updatable data. I was thinking about dropping the data in the webconfig file.

So my initial question is:
1)where in the web.config file would I put this?

But I also wonder if this is the best way to store the data. I know I could store it in a database, but that seems excessive. I also am pretty sure I could store the data in an XML, but I am not sure how to save and retrieve data from an XML file.

The data I am wanting to store is a simple text description and a URL.

web.config is not the place to store updatable data. Put it in another file.

Changes to the web.config cause app restarts.

Databases are a lot more optimized for performance. So it is def not an overkill for a database. Xml file you can use XmlReader and XmlDocument or XDocument. There are a lots of different ways to interact with XML files. Google ca help you here

ok, I will look into the xml. Thanks for the help