Storify Issues

  1. Storify SUCKS! If you are a facebook or twitter user you have got to see it! I WAS UNBELIEVABLY SHOCKED!!

  2. Storify users can see your secret conversations in groups on facebook :frowning: and your posts on (twitter, facebook, etc.) All they have to do is write a keyword and THERE IS YOUR POST!! It’s so unfair!!! I would not like for my post to be pulled in some random story!!!

Check for more info: is a useful tool for creating stories using multiple forms of content on the internet. Its unique function allows the user to search for keywords in other places on the web such as Facebook and Twitter, and then pull elements from those sites into a story. This means that any public Facebook post or Tweet can be pulled into someone’s story, regardless of whether the original poster wants it posted or not. For example, if someone decided to create a story about a football game and wanted to get some fan reactions, he could enter “Redskins win” into the search box. Any public Facebook post, any Tweet, any picture on Instagram that has “Redskins win” tagged will appear in the available content. The poster can then decide what is useful for his story and drag it into his timeline. Once it’s published, anyone reading the story will see what you posted or tweeted—without your knowledge. They can then comment on it or follow a link to the original content. Many people are unaware of this and may not want their content used in such a way. It’s a huge violation of personal privacy. Yes, the content was posted publicly, but were they aware that their content and pictures could be used in such a way? In most cases the answer is no. Storify’s terms of service states that “Storify helps you attribute content to original sources and access public APIs in accordance with the terms of use of those sources, but you agree that it is solely your responsibility to follow the terms of use of the sources that you place into your stories.” This means that they take no responsibility if a user uploads content that was not meant to be used in such a way. It is the uploader’s responsibility to make sure that what they’re using in their story is okay, but let’s face it: who reads the terms of service? Most people using Storify probably haven’t read the terms of service for Storify, much less the terms of service for other medias. Storify is a great tool but it is allows users to access information in an inappropriate way without the knowledge of most people. For this reason needs to either change its terms of service, spread awareness about how your content can be used and accessed, or shut down completely.


No they can’t. As you can read in the rest of the text you posted, they can only see your public Facebook posts or Tweets. Just like google can.

You say that it’s a huge violation of personal privacy, but it isn’t. It’s stuff publicly availabe to all, because you posted it publicly. If you don’t want people to see your FB posts and tweets, don’t make them public. Or even better, just don’t put your personal stuff on the internet at all.

It does seem like a huge violation of copyright, doesn’t it?

Well, you are right at some point, but did you ever have a secret conversation on fb? Storify can take stuff from secret conversations… I think THIS IS called a violation of copyright! :slight_smile: And the creaters of the website at least have to send a request to the user… dont you agree?

You say they can take PRIVATE fb posts. The entire text you posted only talks about PUBLIC fb posts. Did you actually see some stuff you posted in private to someone on FB appear in a storify story?

I think THIS IS called a violation of copyright! :slight_smile: And the creaters of the website at least have to send a request to the user… dont you agree?
That’s what I said, it looks like violation of copyright.

yes,i checked, it does take information from private groups… it’s my technology project actually. Yeah, it is a violation of copyright your are right… fine… thanks for responding to this post :slight_smile: