Store review sites like bizrate?

Hi All,

Are there any other popular store review websites out there like the bizrate’s site?

I like bizrate’s platform, but I don’t like some of the marketing strategies they employ on my customers.

Dave, pricegrabber, froogle are good. You can also that gives you a detailed reports on each click such items and ip address clicked.

We are sensitive to your concerns about the promotions associated with the surveys. We have found, over the years, that the promotional mix we use is most effective in driving response to the Bizrate surveys, which results in the greatest number of ratings. We will contact each of you to propose alternatives.

In addition to the Bizrate seal driving higher conversions, we also hear from stores that Bizrate Ratings can boost your search engine listings. This post offers some perspective on that topic.

Bizrate Insights & Ratings.

I’m in the same boat. We’ve had several customers call us asking how they will get their $100 gift certificate for free shoes at our store. At first I was clueless as to how they could be under the impression they would be entitled to a $100 gift certificate, then one customer enlightened me.

The BizRate survey code puts a big link on the thank-you page that promises a $100 “reward” but doesn’t specify what kind of reward. Once you get to the actual survey, it tells you the reward is actually only for magazine subscriptions, but it’s in small text and quite easily overlooked.

So I can see why it’s confusing, and why a few customers would be put off by it. But, the BizRate seal does help our conversions.

I’ve complained to BizRate before but never got a response. I think they should be very clear about what they give for completing the survey ON the button, because they end up mad at merchants, they don’t even understand that it’s a third party survey.

What’s your end goal for using another provider?

I can add ShopZilla,, Google Product Search, Yahoo Shopping and Kelkoo. AFAIK, not all of them provide ratings, but you may use them all for product/price comparison.

Try ratepoint