Store procedure

Is there any tool which would help to write store procedure with less typing ?

some sort of visual designing or auto completion is required.

Database: MySQL

I had developed a nice utility which uses PHP to connect to a database and generates stored procedures which reads all records, reads a single record with input parameters based on a primary key, updates based on the primary key and deletes based on the primary key. Have a look here

Do I need to learn PHP first to use your tool before writing Store Proc.

I’m worried about learning curve . I don’t work in PHP. I also dont want to learn PHP to write store proc.

Is there any other easy to use tool ?

I can’t imagine how visual designing can be used for writing stored procedures because stored procedures is computer language code - it’s not like a database table structure that you can visually represent - or maybe I am missing something?

As to auto-completion you can use one of the mysql database management software, a free one with auto-completion is HeidiSQL, a paid one is SQLYog - perhaps others can add their favourites.

Did you have a quick read and look at the video? That would be the extent of the learning curve.