Stopping redirects

[font=verdana]On my website, I have a long list of 301 redirects – I’m sure that some of them could be removed by now, as some of them have been there for several years, but I wouldn’t like to guarantee there aren’t any sites out there linking to the old URLs.

But none the more for that – occasionally I want to reuse/revive old URLs that had previously been redirected. Yet removing them from the .htaccess file doesn’t cancel the redirect. I’ve got redirects that I tried to remove three months ago that are still active. They aren’t listed in .htaccess but they’re still happening. And it isn’t a browser cache issue because I’ve tried them on browsers and computers that I’ve never used before.

Any suggestions would be welcome, because I’m stumped![/font]

Is you site behind a proxy cache? If so the .htaccess could be cached and be chosen instead of your changed .htaccess?

How would I find that out? And new redirects that I add to the file are enacted immediately, which I don’t think would happen if it was being cached.

Your ISP could tell you if they are using such a cache. You could describe your issue and they may be willing to flush all cache files (sometimes there are many just for one site) from your site.

I know that you are very diligent, so it is unlikely that you haven’t checked your main apache.conf or httpd.conf file to see if redirects are being done in there or in a linked configuration file?

I’ve not really done that much playing around with Apache, these are redirects that I put in place by putting a line in .htaccess, so is it plausible that the orders would have been copied into one of the .conf files? Will try asking the hosting company to flush the cache and see if that brings home the bacon.