Stop loading page and exit if IE detected

Hi there

IE has a real problem working with my site at the moment and I want to force people to only NON Microsoft browsers for the moment until I get around to fixing the issue (I am only in beta, so its not a major issue)

I have seen guides on how to do the detection, and im sure this is a real simple question, but how do i get it to stop loading the page (i.e just provide a blank white page) straight after the popup warning message?

this is what i have

<SCRIPT language="JavaScript">
var browserName=navigator.appName; 
if (browserName=="Microsoft Internet Explorer")
 alert("Unfortunately IE is not supported at the moment, please use Firefox or Chrome etc");

any guidance on this would be greatly appreciated

The easiest way to do this would be to create a quick HTML page and redirect the user to that page. For example…

var browserName = navigator.appName; 

if (browserName == 'Microsoft Internet Explorer') {
    window.location = 'noie.html';

thank you , that will do perfectly :slight_smile: