Stop learning about web design or continuing finding new ideas


If you have been designing web sites for years and you already know the principal of web design do you still read books about web design?

I was wondering what the professionals do, keep their work flow or try to learn new ideas and may be change the way they have been designing?

The reason I’m asking this question is because every time I open a new book about web design I find new ideas, I know I’m still learning but I was wondering when do you say hey, I know enough and I won’t read any more about this topic?


No web designer in this world can afford to not learn, no matter at what level he finds himself in. Particularly in a job like this, where we’re introduced with new devices, methods, technologies, and the like, it’s impossible to choose ignorance over learning, unless you want to be without a job rather sooner than later.

I am learning every single day. Life - and work - would be boring without it.
Right now, I’ve shifted my learning focus from designing code to designing content. Lots and lots to learn. And it won’t ever end.

you won’t ever know enough, life is a continuous learning process.

But instead of reading books, I sign up to a few good blogs and follow those - though I don’t have any web design blogs I’m following at the moment - my focus is currently on SEO and internet/social media marketing.

Thank you for your comments!

Knowing the principles of something doesn’t mean you can fully appreciate or carry out the task well, design is something which changes every single day… there is always some new convention, pattern, language, method, style, tool or principle to follow… because this industry evolves regularly if you don’t take the opportunity to keep your knowledge current you will end up failing to carry out your job. Medical professionals have to keep refreshing their techniques on a constant basis, as must we who care for the web and it’s future. I always keep reading, learning and taking every opportunity I can to improve my skills, but the main thing you can take from it is you will never stop learning and you can never know everything about the field. It’s physically impossible to become an expert at everything and in reality, most people know a little about a lot. There’s too many sub-industries, career roles, skills, attributes (you can adopt) and ranges of different ways we carry out our jobs to be able to say “I know all I need to now”. What you could do is focus on a very explicit niche like HTML and learn the specifications inside out, all the conventions (like microformats), best practices, etc and become an expert in the subject… but it’ll take you years to be truly a “leader” in the field and even then, you’ll still only know a lot about that one very small segment of the industry. It’s a vast place and you need to have achievable goals but never stop focusing or expanding your scope. It’s basically a balance between what you know and what you offer… the more you learn the more you can offer to clients, the higher you are likely to be paid (for the stuff you can give them). It’s pretty much like any job… you just keep going until you can’t stand the job anymore :wink:

Thank you all very much, very good advice.

Perhaps with a few thousand years of 24 hour a day education on the subject you may eventually end up knowing all there is to know on the subject at the time you started. You then have to catch up on all the changes that have happened over that time.

I have no other way to do but buy tons of books and learn… each day … and not only how to design but more important how thigs are placed together I mean also in the popular CMS like wordpress … example now i know worpress but I want to start to use also others like Jomla… CMS are going to be the future of web design and customers are asking for CMS websites… because so they can manage by themself (if have time) or decide to let you manage things (and you will do that easier then a normal static website)

Very interesting points, thank you all!

Great!!! :rofl:



In an every day changing environment such as the web, you can not afford to not keep up. How you do it is up to you: reading books, signing up with blogs, forums… but at the end you need to keep your skills upgraded, finding and implementing new ideas… if not you’ll soon be lost out there. The only problem seems to be to find the time to process all the goodies :smiley:

In short; one of the most important skills to learn is waste separation. At the same time it’s also the hardest skill to learn to select which information seems valid and which information is nothing but badly replicated, reformulated, buzz-word filled diarrhoea.

You’ll never learn everything about the internet and you’ll never remember what you do learn unless you practice it.

So just keep practicing.

Very true… need to practice everyday…


The web is evolving faster than I can learn :frowning:

However that being said we really do need a completely new way of doing things! A new protocol, language and dev environment - something so drastically different and amazing that no one could ever imagine it - and if they could it would make their brains melt and their heads explode…

This is quite true but hopefully things are slowing down a little bit… CSS3 will be the way with maybe my soon will develop websites …

The worst thing is that much or the effort are due to the market crazy roules and not for tech reasons.

Due to browser past wars we lost 10 years of serious development.

Only starting with IE7 things are getting better and all of them start to be on the same line with minor issues.

I keep learning every day what a moron I am. How much of a moron I am when I’m a user. How much I don’t understand anything even when I thought I did. I keep saying “users are morons” but that means me too, and we build websites for users, and dammit they surprise us every day. I surprise someone at least once a day when I just don’t use their site right. I’ll prolly never learn enough about web design. It’s practically anthropology. If I was cleaning toilets for a living I could say one day that I knew all there was to know, because toilets are pretty predictable and they don’t change much.

The technology is totally learnable, even when it changes. It’s people that you spend forever learning, and they keep asking for different technologies and new techniques and New Stuff every day.

I use to want to know everything then I found google. It has a great memory. Now I just focus on what is needed to get the job done. GL

keep learning as new software programs come out. when a new adobe comes out, its a must to learn. mainly because it will only be beneficial to you in the long run. most upgrades make it easier and faster to design.