Stop Ajax reseting my jQuery code

Hi all

I had a thread a few days back. Resolved.
Example snippet shown below which triggers when my page ID is #listings:

if ($("#listings")[0]){
  $('.placeholder').before('<div class="napp"><img src="images/napp.png"></div>');

This works great, the problem now is that I have some ajax running which when I click the next link/button to show other photos, content etc. this resets the above and moves my <div class=“napp”> back to hidden again. Even though the address bar doesn’t change or refresh my jquery code should stay in place. But ajax resets all my nodes within the dom.

My question.
How do I stop this?
Is it something to do with CALL, TRIGGER?

What do you suggest?


For the record I’m still somewhat a Javascript, jQuery novice and the Ajax in discussion is already running on the page added by other developers. I’ve added the jquery snippets above manually.

Any feedback, guidance on this issue is much appreciated.

Hi Barry,

Do you have a link to a page where I can see this?