Stolen domain name checker service?

I normally use Internic’s whois page to check for available domain names. By mistake, I found this non-working, similar looking clone: - Tries to point out to wrong reports page.


My views on this traditional authentic checker: I do not use the domain name checker or suggestions services. I read out an article on how to buy domain names, several years back. If you are not ready to really buy a domain, do not even check for it.

The prying eyes can register the domains earlier than you, if you are using those checker services.

But, are there any such cases?

I agree with you Alex. You need to know who you deal with. In any case that is recommended to check reviews about particular domain name registrar or web hosting company beforehand.

First of all: it seems like the clone site has broken a law of creating a similar looking site with a smiliar name and service just to attract visitors. At least I think it is illegal.

Are you asking if people can see your domain searches and then buy the domain before you? If so, I think it depends on where you look for domains. If you use to check for domain names, I’m pretty shure noone else will ever notice.

And yes, people do this all the time, there is a whole industry of buying and selling domain names that are woth money or will be in the future. Though copting website designs and domain names to attract visitors can get you sued.

Hope I answered your question.


That’s good advice, there are practitioners and registrars who if you lookup a domain and don’t register it with them within 30 minutes (or an hour), they’ll snatch it themselves and then try and sell it to you as a premium domain. The most common case I’ve seen this being done with is with Network Solutions, who have had a lot of press in the past for using these kind of underhanded techniques. My advice would be to only look for domains using trustworthy registrars! :frowning: