Stock trading website - disclaimer advice


Would like to gather the general consensus before (if) I need to get some professional legal advice.

I m setting up a stock market charting website, which will use stock market data and offer up charts for members. All services on the site is free of charge.

In regards to a disclaimer, I use something similar to the one found on this site:

However, I found this rather long and complicated document on another site, which offers paid services tho:

To be more specific, my sites draws graphs, but does not offer any interpretation or suggest any action (or inaction) to be taken from them.

In terms of liability for the misuse of my site, is the first disclaimer enough? If not, whom do I see to draft a proper disclaimer (will a “normal” lawyer suffice? Or is there a online specialist I should see).

Thanks in advance for any advice, and apologies if this has been covered before.

I would recommend to my clients that they incorporate their disclaimers into their TOS. It would then look like the longer document link.