Staying organized

Is there anyway to keep your ads organized? I have multiple sites, with different advertisers on some of them, and some of them are geotargeted and some aren’t, and they all have different eCPMs, and so on and so on.

I wish I could hire an ad manager to take care of all this stuff, so I can just work on my sites and advertising, but I have no idea where to look for such a person.

Is there some other way to organize all this stuff? I use OpenX and PubMatic and AdPeeps to do the actual ad delivery, but I still spend too much time on ads, and not enough on sites!


A whiteboard or notebook. Getting some stuff you have to keep track of off the computer and into the real world will help you remember it.

I use excel a lot for keeping track of stuff. I guess that’s one issue of having a load of sites. Also having a load of sites could mean you may not have monetised your sites as well as could be.

Good luck!