Static and dynacim web site

what is the difference between static and dynamic website?

A static website is one which has the static pages that can’t add or delete online because there is no any kind of database connected with it.

While dynamic website is completely design for online transaction where you can add, delete because it is connected with data base.

Static website: To make any changes in these type of websites you have
to contact a website designer. He will make those changes by editing the
files directly. Only HTML friendly person can do this.

Dynamic website: You can edit the content like images and text of a
dynamic website by using a simple, and very user friendly Admin Panel.
The process is as simple as filling up a form and DONE. Any normal
computer user can do this and it will save maintenance cost also.


If you’re pulling or writing content to the database your site is dynamic. If the content lives only in your html file, your site is static. Good example of a dynamic website is a wordpress site. Simple php contact forms or ajax or galleries/slideshows don’t make your site dynamic, unless they are connected to some kind of database.

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very descriptive statements. Can you please show some examples?

Hi Everybody,

In layman’s terms Static means constant(never changing),so Static sites are meant for those sites that cant be changed or updates regularly. Dynamic means changing, so Dynamic sites are those sites that changes or update regularly. You can make dynamic changes to a database without having to shutdown the instance and restart for the changes to take effect. However, if you do not update the control file, when you shutdown and startup, the dynamic change is gone–it wasn’t permanent.


Static websites cannot be changed or updated but dynamic websites are those which can be changed or updated easily

Static website looks like an online brochure. Static website uses HTML language. Every time you need a developer to make changes on your website. It is quick and cheap to develop and also quick to host. Small companies can run the static website.
Dynamic website has more functionality. Managing a dynamic website is much easier to update content or creating new pages on your website without any programming languages. Dynamic website uses PHP or ASP language.

Static Web pages contain the same prebuilt content each time the page is loaded on the other hand content of dynamic Web pages can be generated/updated on-the-fly.

Static Website is the best for the user having limited budget and do not want the content to get modify frequently. Changes to the content of it requires a web programming knowledge.

A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is reconstructed by a program or script at the time the page is requested. We can develop dynamic website using scripting language like PHP and JAVA.

Static sites: Updating a new page is difficult
Dynamic Site : its very easy

Dynamic can be changed far more easily, i prefer to use CMS then static

For marketing considerations, Static Websites are getting to be pretty outdated. If the individual involved in the business or organization the site is concerning, can’t update the content fairly easily, they need to go through the developer so the developer needs to get paid for that time. A Simple or complex Content Management System bypasses this handicap and allows more value for the customer. Custom CMS’s provide value in that they aren’t loaded down with the unneccessary stuff, but WordPress’s plugin Adminimize can also be a useful tool in create a backend for the client that is minimal and thus there aren’t all the extra things for them to accidentally screw something up. Clients appreciate this, particularly if they aren’t web savvy.