Starting out as a Reseller. Any hosting tips?

I plan on getting into reselling and I’d like to know what I should look out for with hosting. I’m sure everyone here has their preference. I will have to figure out what is best for me but what are the pitfalls, factors I should consider, variables, things I can do to prevent future problems. Are certain reseller hosting plans better in some areas and weaker in others?

Thanks in advance.

Giving away too many resources for not enough $$. i.e. trying to compete with “the big boys” - just don’t, it’ll end in problems.

Overloading your servers.

Make sure you get something that won’t be overloaded to start with if you are getting a reseller (shared hosting) account.

I believe you need to think over support options when starting as reseller. Some web hosting companies will offer you support for your end users and some of them not.

First of all think about that how the services you are going to provide and the most important aspect is support for the servers. Many of the companies offer the support for your clients but some of them won’t so try to know everything before you purchase from any host.

Giving away too many resources for not enough $$. i.e. trying to compete with “the big boys” - just don’t, it’ll end in problems.

That’s true only if you try to actually provide what you promise, no matter the consequences. that’s not what the big hosts do. The big hosts have some scale economies on their side, but they still ultimately rely on the same rule: if you affect server performance, you must either upgrade, or find a different provider.

Start with your local businesses, friends just to create a steady root of income.

It will be hard at first and you may operate at a loss for a decent time period before you break even or have a positive flow, especially in this economy. The thing that you have over “giant” web hosts and with must small to mid-size web hosts / resellers, is that we generally have the ability to be more personal with our customers and actually listen to them and what their needs are. Also supplying them with superior customer service will make them realize the benefit they have with you. Alot of the time it’s what you can do for them and if you show that, you will be fine. Just because a host is a giant, doesn’t necessarily make them good, they just started early enough to be a big player.

PHP Memory if your site is in PHP… usually you get 32MB… but some hosts only give you 16MB

Also remember to look out for a host that provides good support. Preferably a live support system.

You should be ready for some custom requirements like backups, dedicated IP’s, sitebuilder and one click script installers like fantastico and softaculous. Make sure you provide customers with good support and reliable servers. this website has much more information for people looking to start their reseller hosting business.