Starting new work as IT freelancer

I’m about to go freelance as an IT / computer support consultant (small businesses and home users, so small scale only) in my local area (though I’ll be offering VPN support nationwide).

I was wondering if anybody had any recommendations or “top tips” for essential items (be they software / hardware or just things to remember or words of wisdom). I’ve been pretty thorough and the website and marketing project is underway so that side is mostly ok (although any marketing tips specifically for this industry would be interesting to read).

So really I’m just interested to know other people’s take on the whole venture, particularly if they’ve been down that road themselves.

It’s of virtually no risk as I already have a business, but wanted to kick this one off and just see where things go.


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I would get a CCNA certificate as well as certifications in the IT industry – search on google IT certifications and there are directories of certifications for you to get

I think the key to any business is management, get yourself a good project manager or to-do list app or scheduling tool to get all your appointments and projects and notes in order. I personally use a product called MyLife Organized and it does the trick as a general purpose management tool, but there’s loads of great apps that do the same thing for free. It’s amazing how many records for completed work you’ll gather after a year of constant daily projects with clients. :slight_smile:

Thanks, only problem there though is the cost of certifications- have never really had the money or else I would have tried to get them…