Starting a standalone java application from a browser

Hello guys,
please i am trying to pass a file to and launch a desktop java application (Jmeter) from a browser. i want to know if this is possible and how, using PHP scripting on a server side.


…and that’s why it doesn’t let you do it! :wink:

the java application is on my machine as well and it is executed by its batch file

This would be such a gigantic security hole that it should never, ever be allowed. Ever.

You do not have any control over the end user’s local machine using PHP.

You could try 2 of the following ways:
1.) Serve a java applet in the output HTML with the local java file as the source/path.
2.) Find the path to the installed local application and <a href=“c:\foo\bar\here.exe”>open on windows</a> to it and then provide relavant urls for other platforms.