Starting a new website

Looking for a free hosting for our village website (UK). Any out there which do not clutter the page up with adverts and can take a normal domain name (not a sub DN)? Advice appreciated.

You can use which is very useful and offers free hosting and no ads unless you want to use for your affilate with them its a pretty good program if people sign up for free hosting u get 5$ after they have been signed up for a month!!

If it is for a village perhaps you could contact local service providers to see if they would donate some hosting. Other than that, you really do get what you pay for.

Given you can get hosting for £13.99+vat pa, including the domain name, why are you so keen on free hosting? I’ve used (UK based) for several of my clients. Their cheapest deal will get you started.

or (got a one page site there)

Even it is a village website, you need pay the cost also

This is a very good idea.

Does your council or something have a website? You might be able to strike up a deal with them to perhaps offer up some of their hosted space to produce something for your village alone. Some county councils do that kind of thing for segments of their region (to help promote the active community). :slight_smile:

I always recommend to have your own hosting than depending on free hosting as it always will have advertisement or something that goes with it. In worst case scenario, you might find yourself losing the site as it grows to be popular.

Just go with the minimum hosting package and maybe the village can chip in.