Standard Web development rates?

Whats the standard rates for webdesign\webprogramming work ?

Kinda curious since I and a few friends are starting out in this business.

I’m not the first one to say this, but the rates are far from standard. The question is too vauge to answer as adequately as I’d like.

If you’re a teenager like myself, and decent when it comes to designing, a few hundred dollars per layout is reasonable.

As for programming - you’ll hear all kinds of numbers. Some that are paid a steady salary will get $50 an hour, and those paid on a contract basis will tend to get more.

And heck, there are some cases where the client will be willing to pay twice what you’re worth, or only half. It varies quite a bit. Good luck! :slight_smile:


The Standard Rates for Webdesign and Programming is hard. I think it all depends on Your Portfolio, and Its Quality.

See, when your first start out, such as I did, You can charge a Little big, not very much, just enough to start building a portfolio. Heck, ask people if they want you to design them a site to add to your portfolio. That is a good way to start off. When you get a few sites in your portfolio, raise your prices, after a few more, raise it again. I am currently charging $500 - $1,200 for websites. While my portfolio has only 5-6 sites, I find the quality to be good amoung them. Most of them are .com’s or .net’s. I have many other sites I could have in there from previous designs, but I dont see why I’d bother. :slight_smile: And to be a sucessful designer, you need a good ‘.com’ not

Programming is the same I’m sure, but I’ve never programmed, so I dont know.

I’m 14, and like most teenagers, I’m a freelancer. However, like grandmaster pointed out, get a portfolio! I have done many of my sites for free. However, they are .com’s and .net’s.

When you first are getting started, if you tell the person, “hey, I’m doing this for my portfolio”, then you will paid well what you’re worth. What a webmaster is worth depends on what he can do, what he is willing to do, how fast, and how well he can do it. You could put two people on a bid, and one can do said job in two weeks, and one in four. The one who can offer in two will get the job. But, don’t set your deadline too short, you always gotta leave room for murphy! If anyone has not run into Murphy, you’re not a developer… :slight_smile:

Your portfolio will tell what you’re worth. Every developer is different, and worth different. I know PHP/MySQL and can develop big, user driven, complex online applications. I might get paid 3000 for a CMS/user oriented site, but when I have someone come to me and ask for a simple five page site for their, I’m not going to say, “Well, I’m worth 50 dollars an hour.”, I’m going to say, “Ok, how about 500, and I’ll host it and optionally maintain it for 30/month.”

Keep in mind, at the age we’re at, we can’t afford to be too high. If we did it for free, and we have a dynamite portfolio in 4-5 years, we will get paid for all of our work many times over!

I agree with everything said here, they are all very valid points! Two things which I think satnd out and sort of answer your question:

  1. A large portfolio showing a varierty of skills is of the utmost importance.
  2. To attain such a portfolio charge as much as you think the client will pay :slight_smile:

Currently, we are charing $100/hour with no portfolio yet (although we are involved in some open source projects we started).

Is it reasonable ?

For a startup, how much should we charge?

I’ll tell you a good wayn to find out - go to and look at the posts under ‘Web design’ - these will give you a good benchmark because the designer’s skills are spelled out, and he usually displays links to his portfolio.