Stable results take time

Most of the time SEO clients are a little jumpy to get results for their websites which is not the right practice because it takes time to get spam free and stable results and rankings, so how you guys solace your clients for to show some patience which really returns in the long term ? :slight_smile:

Slow and steady wins the race. From what I can see if you need to work through it gradually and not expect instant results from your advertising. Nothing happens overnight and in many cases you’d need to work on your efforts.

Yes Sega. We don’t have any magic tool which we can use and you will be stuck in to Top 10 of Google. In my experience, I have seen a lot of time that clients ask for huge competitive keywords to work for and paying like local keywords. They Never understand Algorithms, Quality Guidelines, etc and asks for results in short term. I would like to suggest that just start the good communication and explain all the SEO process.

I think there’s a subset of sites that take the “fly-by-night” approach. i.e. Cheating to get high on the SERPs to scam as much as they can before getting banished - then moving on.

But if a client wants long term then playing by the “rules” is the only way to go.

Yes Beckabaz, Here the problem is Clients donno the SEO process. So that they are expecting the results in short term. For me also the same situation happened. Client given me the very high competitive and they require result in a month. So we explained them the SEO Process. Client understand the situation and we are working with out pressure.

I always love when I get a customer who pays me a few bucks and wants to get ranked for the keywords google, yahoo, bing, and youtube lol.

I’ve actually had multiple customers want to rank for those keywords so I instantly refund their money and let them know it’s not going to happen.

This is the frustrating part. You don’t know exactly what works, plus you can find out in a matter of week or two or more. It takes time. You have to be open and be honest about this beforehand. You have to inform clients that results may not be obtained directly. Nobody likes the waiting game, but that’s how it is with Google.

Yes, and also giving them a report will keep them up-to-date for the works you’ve done on his/her site.