Stable ranking?

What should I do to keep ranking stable. My website’s keywords are ranked on 2nd page also some keywords rank on 1st page. but after 2-3 days it will again ranked on 2nd page.

I think you need to do consistent work for your keyword stability from getting various links to your site, you just need to gain more and more quality links.

It happened due to Google dance. You have to work continuously try to get good back links from good sources which has PR at least more than 2.

Google is always unstable. They keep on updating their algorithm. Or maybe, your inbound links are not yet enough. Build more links but be sure to choose links with quality.

ou can following this common solution

  1. Get quality backlinks regularly. You can get a few links per month but do it for every month.
  2. Add unique content regularly
  3. Keep checking your site for any errors. Prevent 404 Not Found errors from being happened.
  4. Keep your site safe. Check your site regularly to see if your site has penetrated by malware or worms or any malicious wares.
  5. Keep an eye on Google Webmaster Tools. Get your site verified and keep checking on them on a regular basis.