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Resources to learn SSML - Are there any available resources to learn SSML?
I did a lot of searches, but could not find one.

I like w3c docs but admit they can be a chore to comprehend. eg.

What I do first visit is to not read them like a story, but skim the contents as an outline list. Subsequent visits I do my best at reading a portion I’m interested in. When I get stuck I search for the term I’m stuck on and visit sites in hopes of finding something I can understand better.

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This seems to be a classified technology/language.

Sorry, I don’t do not know what you mean by “classified”?

I find speech technology interesting (both synthesis and recognition) but haven’t have not done anything with it for quite a while.

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(of information or documents) designated as officially secret and accessible only to authorized people.

Means not easily available in public domain. Learning material is not easily availble.

“officially secret”

^ the official Language Recommendation submitted for the W3C…

(It’s got a public specification. It’s not secret :P)

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Do understand SSML - XML Knowledge should be vey god. Right?

I don’t know how to read that post.

I’ve never seen, heard of, or used SSML in my life prior to this thread.

They are using SSML

Good for them? I don’t know what you want me to say. I’m sure there are websites that do use SSML. I (now) know that it’s used in voice enabled devices like Alexa and such. I’m just saying that I have never seen, heard of, or used it before.

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I was just pointing to commercial implementation and posisbility of monetizing the product output.

If you’re you are just starting on this path I think you will have some luck searching for “text to speech” and “voice recognition”.

I find the field very interesting and if I was in life where I was considering a career path, voice technology would be one. (off-topic - another would be IoT) I say career because I think it would ask for constant learning of new and reinforcement in order to stay on top of the rapid advancement. I can’t can not predict the future, maybe it will branch into specialized fields? Anyway, if my assessment is near correct, there are very intelligent / dedicated devs working on things but the niche is not crowded.

AFAIK, working on text-to-speech can involve some extremely large files and some extremely long running scripts. And it involves languages other than PHP. Just the same, I think there would be no problem earning a living.

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