SSL certificate for testing

Hey there guys,

I am currently developing a custom module for opencart to use in my ecommerce business. I expect to be in the testing phase for a number of weeks and I am of course testing on a local machine with W.A.M.P. installed.

I need to take people’s credit/debit card details over a secure connection and I wish to use HTTPS - Secure socket layer encryption. My question is, what is the best way to test this? Can I get a free ssl certificate from somewhere to use for now and then purchase later when I am happy with the software?


Will Edwards

Presumably for development you’ll be using dummy credit card details? :slight_smile:

You can setup an unsigned SSL cert on your development machine, accept the warnings from the browser as an exception locally.

You could create your own SSL cert and tell your browser to accept it. Then you wouldn’t get warnings.