SSI not working

On my website with hundreds of pages, I use SSI to draw in the main navigation menu and site header. This has worked fine for years and years.

Today, I’ve noticed that it is bizarrely broken.

The site is not in the root directory but is in let’s called it /folder1/

All pages that are /folder1/somepage.shtml are still working absolutely fine and including the menu and header as intended.

Pages in subfolders within that have gone pear-shaped. The code is of the form <!--#include virtual="../menu.htm" -->, and it’s not finding the parent directory. When I change it to <!--#include virtual="/folder1/menu.htm" -->, which should point to exactly the same place, it works fine, so the file is definitely there!

Even more oddly, some of those pages also feature an include to
<!--#include virtual="../info-notice.htm" -->, using exactly the same format and referencing exactly the same directory setup, and that is working, despite it being an identical arrangement to the one that isn’t working.

I really don’t want to have to go through 500 pages and replace the relative links with root links. Can anyone shed any light on why this apparently inexplicable problem could have arisen? Is it likely to be a temporary glitch that sorts itself out in time, should I just be patient and see how it is looking tomorrow?

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