SSH Transport closed

I resolved all the other issues in my previous thread, so that one can now be ignored. However after properly installing Ubuntu I get the IT WORKS screen just fine all the way along until I turn on shorewall then I get this error when I try to connect through my SFTP

“SSH Transport closed”

If I try to connect through the browser I end up getting the

Time out screen, and its not able to connect.

After installing shorewall the instructions say to make the following changes to it, which I did:

Add these lines just above where it says “#LAST LINE”


then save the file.

One thing I noticed is that the line above these two has the net and $FW in reverse position on the page. The line just above where I added these two reads:


I entered them as instructed instead of to match the existing line, so not sure if that may be causing the problem The rest of the changes to the file I had to make were:

And: startup=0 to startup=1

Then started the firewall. After that I could not connect and now get the error message I mentioned at the top of this email.

Any ideas where the problem is and how to fix it?

Thanks for the help.