SSH equivalent in Windows

I’m in the market for a new host since my host really is over the top bad right now. I wanted to go with a Windows host for the first time in years so I could begin working with SQL Server. Coming from A Unix background, I have to ask what the equivalent to SSH is on a Windows box?

Well, there’s the bundled Telnet service. But haven’t seen any Windows hosts advertising it…I feel that Windows hosts, including us, do not want to offer any sort of command line access to a Windows machine. Even command line access to *Nix servers is regulated by most providers.

Besides, the use of Telnet in Windows is very limited anyway. Normally only FTP, FrontPage publishing and perhaps web based file manager is available to you as the means to access your Windows account. I believe for most part tis should be sufficient. Anything else you’d like to do such as installing ActiveX / COM objects, you’d have to contact your host to help you. Some are OK with it, some don’t want to install anything extra, so make sure you ask ahead.

Forgot to mention. SSH access to windows is possible using cygwin, but I haven’t heard any host offering it though.

Okay…I feel like I lost you guys. I’m not necessarily looking for commandline. That’s not what I’m getting at. What I’m looking for is a secure connection. That eliminates FTP and Telnet. I also am not looking for ways to move files. That eliminates FTP and Webshell. I’m simply looking for a secure transmission protocol. Does windows have such a thing?


web shell / file manager can be accessed securely via https.

There should be a way to access ftp securely via sftp as well.

sftp on linux is over port 22 using the same protocol as ssh. How is sftp used in windows?

Here is the program that you have been asking about:

Secure SSH Telnet and more…

check it out…


I dont think anyone knows about Remote Desktop as no one seems to have any experience with with windows server.

Omar, you might also want to include…

LEGAL WARNING: Use of PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink is illegal in countries where encryption is outlawed. I believe it is legal to use PuTTY, PSCP, PSFTP and Plink in England and many other countries, but I am not a lawyer and so if in doubt you should seek legal advice before downloading it. You may find this site useful (it’s a survey of cryptography laws in many countries) but I can’t vouch for its correctness.

Remote Desktop AKA Terminal Services…

Encryption. RDP uses RSA Security’s RC4 cipher, a stream cipher designed to efficiently encrypt small amounts of data. RC4 is designed for secure communications over networks. Beginning with Windows 2000, administrators can choose to encrypt data using a 56- or 128-bit key.

BY default it’s switched on on the server end and is configurable in Start –> Programs –> Administrative Tools –> Terminal Services Configuration.

Also… an excellent SSH Service is available for the Windows Platform too… OpenSSH for Windows…


You can ask your host to create a terminal services profile for you that restricts access to your directory. Then you can access the server like you would do in PCAnywhere

But I doubt your host would agree because there alot of security issues involved