Squidoo vs. Hubpages

As it pertains to building do follow backlinks which of the two sites is generally preferred? Is it recommended to create accts on both or focus on one?

working on both websites is the best option, however these days because of the large number of marketers and spammers Squidoo becoming a spammers paradise.

Yeah, the jury’s still out on this question. I have my opinion, but I’m not voicing it quite yet because I don’t want to mislead anyone. Keep watching. … And even more important, keep watching for the Next New Thing that will make this specific question moot. It’s coming. By year’s end, I wouldn’t wonder.

Both… i have had good experience with using both as they both provide good backlinks. If you you do it right, you may pop up on the search engine with a popular post or related subject matter that you post onto squidoo or hubpages.

That is my concern; it seems like both sites reward you for the # and quality of posts so I’m concerned about spreading myself too thin.

I highly suggest using both sites. I have used hubpages for a while and the traffic is great and since many other articles will point to yours once you are a member and have enough articles.

i think both website and ehow are doing good right now as the capacity of backlinks are greater then i expect.

There are a lot of considerations about this, some people says hubpages is good and some suggest to squidoo. but I am a big fan of hubpages and completely agree that it is much better than squidoo.

both of them are really good…and to top if off, add eHow on your list.

We have used Squidoo to market our products for about 6 months now. The success has been okay. We still use the site. However, we have also started to use HubPages as well recently. It is too soon to say which one is the best for us.

But, if you have the time, I recommend doing both. I understand not wanting to spread yourself too thing, but you can kind of create a mini-schedule for that. For example, on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays work on Squidoo. On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and part of Saturday work on HubPages. This enables you to kind of spread your time evenly between the two.

I’ve noticed from analyzing competitors’ backlinks that Squidoo tends to provide stronger links (PR 2 or 3) whereas Hubpages articles tend to linger at PR 0 or 1. So I’d do Squidoo first, but ideally you want to do both. Buzzle is another good one for strong links.