Squeeze effect on a non vector image in Adobe Illustrator

Does anyone know how to create a suction/squeeze effect on an image (not vector) in AI or photoshop?

The object is to look like it’s being sucked in to a bottle (actually a cell phone image in this case) and it’s to look like the paper is creased nearer the bottom to fit into a narrow space. The ‘effects’ category in the menu doesn’t quite seem to cut it to give the full effect I desire. I could create a ‘V’ shape and try to warp the image into that but I’m sure there must be a better way. I hope I’ve clarified the effect enough. Any help, guidance or examples would be appreciated. Thank you

What about something like warp in PhotoShop? (Edit > Transform > Warp)

Hi Ralph

Yep, I think that will have to do it. I used it previously when I was also trying it in AI and couldn’t quite get the effect I needed, but, that will mainly be due to my ‘unskilled’ drawing capabilities. It needs some ‘reality’ effect placed on the image.
Thanks so much.