Square Appointments with WordPress Integration - Anyone Doing It?

I’ve been utilizing Square for the last 2+ years in my small business as the on-site and over-the-phone credit card processor and it’s been great. They continual create new features and functionality, their newest being Square Appointments.

For my small business, which is appointment only, this looks to be ideal for new and existing clients to schedule their own appointments, however… I’ve run into a few issues.

First, I haven’t started the 30 day trial, I won’t until I get a few answers that I’m hoping someone here in the community can help with, as Square themselves haven’t been able to answer for me over the last week.

Square currently does not have a dummy site running for their integration. This leads me to believe there is no WordPress plug-in, rather it’s some sort of iFrame code dropped in. Not a huge problem, but I’d like to see a working demo before I start tinkering around with my site or have to clone my site on my server to experiment.

Other issues:

  • My clients are scheduled out 4-6 weeks, re-schedules happen, can
    clients who schedule online change their own online appointment?
  • Would I still be able to enter appointments in my existing Google
    Calendar, and does that sync with Square, or must I now use the
    Square calendar to book all new appointments?
  • How far off is the buffer for real time? For example, if it’s 10am
    and I have an opening at 10:30am, is that opening shown online or is
    there a 4-6 hour buffer? I ask because we do walk-in clients from
    time to time or run out for lunch, etc.
  • Is partial or full payment taken at the time the appointment is setup
    or scheduled?

I feel like these are all pretty basic questions but I don’t want to give a horrible customer experience for my clients while I personally work the bugs out of someone’s system.

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