SQLite - How to create users and give permission

I am new to SQLite database, I was wondering any one over here knows whether we can create users and give setup permission to access database.

I am working on a small desktop application, I read lot of good things about SQLite and thought of using it for my project. I am trying to create a one user for the database and setup a password. So if someone try to access the database outside from my application it will prompt for username / password (I know there will be lot of methods to crack password when we distribute database to local computer, i am just trying to password protect the database to block simple direct access)

Also if some one can give me some comparison between SQLite and MS Access databases for Desktop application, that will be great (which one will be good for desktop application).

sqlite doesn’t have usernames and passwords. you can’t secure the data files in that manner.

Thanks for the reply, what you think about SQLite and MS Access database. Which one is good for Desktop application

You’d have to write a user interface for SQlite, and you could then use that to determine who can use the system. The existing DBA tools you are likely to find for SQlite are not likely to make a good user interface, they are a bit basic, but seem designed for getting your database off the ground, ready for your interface.

But you might find Access easier if programming is not your strong point.

Thanks John