SQL to relational algebra


How can i convert the following SQL query to relational algebra?

This is the table:-

Lecturer(LecId, LecName)

Module(ModuleNumber, LecId, Schedule)

Enrol(StuId, ModuleNumber)

Student(StuId, firstName, lastName)

This is the SQL:-

SELECT LecName, Schedule FROM Lecturer, Module, Enrol, Student WHERE lastName = ‘Burn’ AND firstName = ‘Edward’ AND Module.ModuleNumber = Enrol.ModuleNumber AND Lecturer.LecId = Module.LecId AND Student.StuId = Enrol.StuId

How can i show this SELECT in relational algebra? With the sybols etc…


This looks like homework… are you asking us to help you cheat?

why in the world do you think you need to do that???

Its not homework :slight_smile:

It’s actually revision for exams. I didnt know if anyone would help me with this though.

Basically i enjoy databases and currently work as a web developer but decided to go forward and do a Masters Degree in Databases.

Just trying to study Relational Algebra, but cant quite get the syntax right.

And its not cheating as im not asking you to do my exams for me, its just help i ask for.

Hope you can help, if not i will delete this thread…


masters degree in databases?

this would imply you already have a graduate degree in databases

as keyshawn says on monday night countdown, “c’mon, man!!”

oops, i meant to say you already have an undergraduate degree

geez, and i went to university, too

lol no i have undergraduate degree in multimedia and internet technology (Bsc hons) and currently doing masters (MSc) in Advanced Databases…

So do you know where i can get help with this?


  1. your course textbook(s)
  2. your course reading materials
  3. your professor
  4. your professor’s teaching assistant
  5. fellow students in the same course
  6. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Relational_algebra


Lol ok thanks


I hope that this is the first course taught in a “Masters in Advanced Databases” degree :confused:

Well, there’s another language/syntax/math thingie I don’t want to learn. GL

“c’mon, man!!”

My faith in the education system has taken another knock. I’ve answered some of your posts, and I hope to god you aren’t really doing a masters in any sort of db field.

did you mean me, hash? because that was me you quoted

let me reassure you, there’s no way i’m doing a masters in any university except the one i’ve almost completed at the school of hard knocks