SQL spreadsheets in apps - just how much of the spreadsheet can be controlled?

I have an idea for an app, and as I am a beginner the idea has changed as I have learned new things and decided exactly what I want to do.

I need to make it possible for a user of the app to create a grid through an SQL spreadsheet where they choose the number of rows and columns, and if possible also choose the height and width of the grid squares.

I am not exactly a wizard at all this, and from what I have seen of the SQL code I cannot see whether this is going to be possible. Would someone be able to advise me, please?

Not sure what you mean with SQL spreadsheet. I assume that you mean a SQL query that will be displayed as a table.

I would say that pretty much everything can be controlled but in also depends on which spreadsheet software you’ll be using (or how you build your own)

Be aware that if you control things like column width or row height, those will be applied to the full row or column. That is, you can’t have a cell in a particular column that is wider than the rest, as an example

Thank you! I am a novice at this, though I have used all sorts of databases in my time. I just haven’t played with the coding side all that much. So I used the term “spreadsheet” to distinguish from charts (which to me are the tables, but which other people often use to mean the graphics that are drawn from table data, e.g. pie charts).

I’ll see how much I can teach myself about creating the database, but I may well need to ask more silly/naive questions before too long. :wink:

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